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CIPO3: Custom Intelligent Production Optimization


Hello, I am CIPO —

•  I create lean production in the most complex processes

•  I build lean production despite very diversified products

•  I reduce order processing time

•  I reduce the inventory of current products and costs associated with handling

•  I increase plant productivity

•  I allow better controling bottlenecks

•  I minimize delays

•  I control the amount of stock in waiting areas as well as shipping

•  I react in real time to changes in the status of the production floor

•  I react in real time to human decisions

•  I increase annual corporate profit from 2% to 5%


Have you ever faced these multiple challenges during production?

I attempt to overcome these events by assigning their estimated time into production. I do not plan what will happen, but rather what should be produced over a buffer (associated with the inefficiency). My approach is to recognize the inefficiency and manage it.


The principal idea (premise of the patent) 

I attemp to predict and optimize in advance all the work to do.

My algorithms deduce the parts to be processed for each employee/cell every hour of the day, and often several days in advance.

Rather than predicting what each employee/cell will be doing, I try to predict what is the best piece to be treated at this particular moment by a particular employee.


Real-time management


I reorganize the work according to an actual situation in the plant.

  • If there is shortage of work at a unit, I provide it with new tasks.
  • If a unit fails, I blocks its tasks and redirect them to similar production units.
  • If a part is late (or should be reproduced), I increase its priority among the other parts to be produced.
  • If an employee is absent, I decrease the performance of his cell, and I prioritize tasks passing through other cells.

What does this mean for your business?

      ⇓   Delays

      ⇓   Inventory

      ⇓   Quality errors

      ⇓   Machinery

      ⇓  Work in process

⇑ Productivity

⇑ Respect the space

  Customer loyalty

  New markets




I am the next step 

Nove3 is a marketing company bringing innovative technologies to the market.

We match market needs with cutting-edge products.

We help companies to grow —  both buyers and developers of technologies.