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Products and technologies

Nove3 is a marketing consultant and an exclusive distributor of products and technologies, developed by our strategic partners.


Dunin Technologie provides innovative and unique software solutions that effectively address the complex problems faced by custom-designed products manufacturers.

The company positions itself in the highly customized products industry (completely custom-designed), more specifically in the wood transformation sector : kitchen cabinets, architectural doors, furnitures, staircases,garden sheds, houses, docks, trailers, etc.


WOSE3 is the software product that handles the entire custom-designed products process, from order taking to shipping, allowing to:

  • Reduce pre-production delays 
  • Reduce training time and order taking errors
  • Reduce marketing delays for new product lines 
  • Drastically reduce order processing time
  • Increase the quality of the information transmitted to production and purchasing

CIPO3 offers a revolutionary approach that finally makes it possible to overcome the problems that are inherent to "customized'' manufacturing, such as: 

  • Changes in the  order of commands that result in the displacement of the bottleneck, that brings costly delays and loss of productivity 
  • Problems with synchronization resulting in missing pieces at assembly time, or finished products at shipping time. 
  • A wide variety of products making impossible to follow a production schedule (time frame/deadline)
  • All incalculable factors (employee absence, machine shutdown, rework of a piece, change in date or in order...) that demand considerable management time.

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