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Level 1. Vision of long-lasting growth

Global diagnostic and strategic reflection with the owner of the enterprise


The stable growth is ensured by healthy development of 3 main business components:

  • Close relationships with the market needs; 
  • Complete business knowledge; 
  • Loyal environment (government, financial institutions, suppliers, etc.).


This stage involves the analysis of multiple internal and external elements that affect the enterprise, such as:

  • Financing (venture capital, aid agencies and/or grants, microcredit, financial institutions, and others);
  • Customer intimacy;
  • Missing keys to success;
  • Alliances (new opportunities thanks to the strategic partnership);
  • Constituen situation (legal structure, fiscal structure, business model, intuition on the vision and mission);
  • Restruction possibilities (legal diagnostic, fiscal diagnostic, business diagnostic, etc);
  • Strategic reflection (Improvement of the position, COM-model, diversification, strong mission and vision);
  • And others.


By analysing the situation as a whole, it is possible to identify strong aspects for the advantageous position on the market as well as the week points to be improved over time. The output of this stage is a strategic plan.